There is hummus… and then there is Hanes Hummus. I call this the #superhummus of all hummus on the market. This is a proud Canadian product. The creator of this line of hummus is as intriguing as @haneshummus. I met Yohannes Petros at the recent CHFA West. He handed me a sample of each of the three selections starting with The Original. The immediate hit on my tastebuds was lemon, then lime, then a bit of heat. The texture was not even the same as traditional hummus. Then he handed me the Roasted Garlic and Dill. I definitely caught the flavour notes of that one too and my brain started to go places with how I could serve this up with other accompaniments. Then he handed me the third one called Hot Date. I was expecting it to be another savoury taste but instead…I got dessert all the way! Who has ever thought of hummus for dessert?!?!?!?! Well that is what sets #HanesHummus apart from the rest. This taste basically kidnaped my tastebuds and I do not want to be rescued ever! The possibilities of the entire line are endless. You cannot believe the flavours that pop out!
– Karen

BEWARE OF HANES HUMMUS! Once you taste it you will never, ever want to eat any other brand of hummus again. It’s hard to put it…Hanes Hummus seems to have a flavour like no other hummus dip I’ve ever tried, and I love it! I have never tasted hummus like this before, and I don’t think I will be able to go back to the “mass-produced” types after trying Hanes Hummus. I’ve stopped buying hummus from stores because it has a chemically aftertaste due to all the added unnecessary and scary ingredients. Hanes Hummus has no added fillers, preservatives and oils! It is hands down the best and purest store bought hummus I have ever tasted. It’s really nice to have a different tasting hummus on the market that sets itself apart (with success) from the “plain old every day hummus” available in stores. Thanks to Hanes, I will be eating hummus on a regular basis again!
– Hannah

Message: No real questions and definitely no concerns. I just wanted to write and say thank you. I was in Choices a few nights ago in Yaletown (Vancouver) and the first person I saw once inside was Yohannes. Big smile on face and hummus at the ready. One taste and I knew why I had walked in the store. As the owner of a Yoga studio I believe that the product should be matched by the person because then there is intention. The intention to provide something good and honest makes a good product better, and I have to say… this is good hummus. Whatever those secret spices… YUM! (will you at least tell me if I am right that there is cinnamon in there?) As for the person, let’s just say not often in my days do I take time to write to anyone about their food. This was worth sending a heartfelt thank you! Namaste.
– Beverly Akhurst, Ocean Breath Yoga

Hi, happy Friday! I had the pleasure of trying Hanes Hummus at the CHFA East Expo this year. Four out of five of our employees are long time vegans and we all thought it was the best hummus we have ever tried! What do I have to do to get it on the shelf!? I would love to get our locals onto this hummus. I have gushed to three of my sales reps from different distributors about your products.
– Chelsea Smith, Manager Fine Fettle Natural Foods